Ice Dogs falls to Jr. Blues in national tour

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Ice Dogs were not welcome in Springfield last night as they faced the Springfield Jr. Blues in their home turf. Another game in their tour, the Ice Dogs preceded this match with a win against Chippewa Steel last week. However this latest matchup proved to be difficult and opens up for a following game in a series of two against Springfield. Last night's game ended with the Jr. Blues victorious 2-1.
The game as you could probably assume from the final score was barren of any points. The first saw no pucks in net for the whole of it from either team and the second didn't see any action until the 10 minute mark, a point secured by Ben Schmidling of the Jr. Blues.
Nearly 17 minutes into the 3rd saw our own Tanner Edwards answer to Springfield with a single point with the assistance of Noah Wilson and Luke Ciolli. This opened up for regulation overtime, but wasn't all that contended with Max Brainin of Springfield taking the win in under 2 minutes.
Both team's were clearly a good match for each other as they didn't just hold a tie until overtime, they also matched in number of penalties made at 6 per team.
This lays the groundwork for tonight's second game between the two rivals in Springfield Illinois' Nelson Center.