Ice Dogs fall to Minnesota in series opener

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Our Fairbanks Ice Dogs faced the Minnesota Magicians last night in the Big Dipper, and it was a tough match.
The Magicians won this first match in a series of two with 4-2.
Taking a look at shots taken, the Dogs and the Magicians were head to head. With Fairbanks shooting off 25 and Minnesota taking 23.
The first period only saw one puck in net made by the magicians. Following a fourteen minute break, however, they took 2 with the Dogs landing 1.
Then the third saw the Dogs and Magicians push for supremacy with both teams only managing 1 goal each.
Matt Koethe and Jax Murray were our team's leaders this match. Both players were accountable for the 2 points made. Then Parker Brown and Jonathan Sorenson followed in an assist each, with Parker suffering 2 minutes of penalties.
Nate Reid was our goalie with 19 saves made, preventing what could have been a bulldozer of a game.
Before we tap off the story however, you know that I like to give credit where it's due sometimes, and that also means for the opposition.
Ethan Haider of Minnesota managed 23 saves out of the Dog's 25 shots. Ricky Lyle Jr., Carter Breitenfeldt, Jackson Jutting and Cameron Buhl were responsible for the goals made against our team, with a point made by each.
As I said before the Dogs are not done yet and will be facing the Magicians once more tonight at the Big Dipper.