Ice Dogs conquer in first match against Kenai River Brown Bears

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Ice Dogs conquered the rink and put down the Kenai River Brown Bears in a match that seemed almost effortless. Aside from a gridlocked first period, the Doggy Dogs hammered out a sweep by the second and leads us into what could be an interesting matchup tonight. Last night's game ended with the Dog's winning 4-0.
As I had already mentioned, little to no net-action was made within the first period, as both teams were head to head and had the energy to deny any stolen ground made. The only action we saw was a penalty made by Ryan Reid of Kenai for a hooking-minor.
This opened up the second period which was a completely different story. At eleven minutes of game time Trenton Woods, along with the assistance of Parker Brown and Jonathan Sorenson, took out the defense-line and managed a puck in net. Not twenty seconds later and the Ice Dogs slammed another one with Jack Johnston, Matt Koethe and Luke Mobley at the head of the action.
This saw the end of the second, but cemented the win for the Dog's. Within 10 minutes of the third we saw Andrew Garby, assisted by Noah Wilson and Sorenson, take the third puck for the team's night, and 8 minutes later Grant Ledford sealed the night's festivities and assured the team's positive rise in the NAHL, but not without the help of Stampohar and Sorenson.
This match couldn't have gone better, and improves the Dog's to 14-8 this season, barely keeping their place at second in the Midwest Division.
Kenai falls to number five with a score of 9-13, but they remain vigilant for tonight's defining second-matchup against Fairbanks.
"Pretty good, obviously. I think that anytime you win a hockey game you're confident, or you build some confidence. I thought we had a pretty good defensive effort tonight with the exception of maybe early in the third period. Some "Grade A" opportunities were pretty sloppy, but the guy's responded and found a way to get that third goal, and bring a breath of fresh-air," Trevor Stewart, Ice Dogs Head Coach.
"It's amazing, it makes my job real easy. I didn't have a lot of shots so I gotta concentrate; bear down on each shot. But like I said I was able to see my puck thanks to my D blocking shots grabbing sticks, moving bodies. So I was able to see the puck and it makes my job a whole lot easier. My confidence is real high right now. I have a lot of people who have confidence in me and it just makes my confidence go up even more. So, it makes my job a whole lot easier," said Ethan Lahmon, Ice Dogs Goaltender.