Ice Dogs bring their season record to 2-3 after playing Magicians

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Ice Dogs are making a steady attempt to even-out their win-loss score for the season thus far. Last night's game against the Minnesota Magicians brought them to 3 losses and 2 wins and proved that they have not given up this season.
The Ice Dog's beat The Magicians 3-0.
It was not the most engaging game in the world, as you could probably imagine. Each period only saw a single shot made by the Ice Dogs and had none made by Minnesota. In the 1st period Jonathan Sorenson scored with the assistance of Jax Murray and Dylan Abbott with 3 minutes on the clock, and left it at that.
At the 20 minute mark Martin Jonsson scored with Andrew Garby and Jake Borgida's assistance.
The third at 13 minutes and 54 seconds brought the win for the Dogs with Tanner Edwards scoring with the help of Luke Ciolli and John Stampohar.
A win is still a win and despite such a lose the Magicians will be facing our Ice Dogs once more tonight at 7, hosted by the Richfield Ice Arena.