Ice Dogs beat Chippewa Steel in wipeout match

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks Ice Dogs faced the Chippewa Steel in their home town in Wisconsin last night, leaving them with nothing but the jerseys on their backs.
This game ended, Dog's victorious, at 6-0.
The last time the Dog's faced Steel was a few weeks ago, leaving as champions but Chippewa still had a fight in the game. This time around it's as if the Dog's found what makes them tick and wiped them completely.
Within the first period we saw Jack Johnston at just 45 seconds into the game nailing a puck in net with the help of Luke Ciolli and Jordan Kovacs. Without a response within the next 4 minutes the Dog's decided to make another call and land another one, this time by Mobley, assisted by Laker Aldridge and Jake Borgida.
This would end all action at the net for the first; but the Dog's persistence remained. At 15 minutes Grant Ledford rocketed past the defense to steal another point, assisted by Ciolli and Trenton Woods, ending the second period's action.
The third saw the peak of the Doggy Dog's performance of the night with three goals over the span of ten minutes. Mobley taking the charge with the first at 3 minutes, Johnston just behind at 5 minutes and 25 seconds, and Mobley once more at 10 minutes and 44 seconds.
The Ice Dogs reign supreme this time around, but will the Chippewa Steel find their rival's weaknesses in their game tonight? It's sure to be an exciting match.