Ice Dogs beat Chippewa Steel in contested matchup

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks Ice Dogs had a particularly difficult match last night against Chippewa Steel, with the team's nearly going into overtime by the end. However, Fairbanks took this one home with a close score of 5-4.
The first moves made were by Fairbanks, making ground with John Stampohar and Jack Johnston taking the lead with the first two points. A response was made at the 12 minute mark by Chippewa's Killian Kiecker-Olsen, a player who also supplied the only point for the Steel in the second. Laker Aldridge showed his true colors following that with two points made just less than three minutes apart.
With a two point lead the Dogs had a lot of pressure going into the third to keep it. Grant Reichenbacher of Chippewa had different plans however and broke through the defense holding him back for eleven minutes and brought the score to 3-4, quickly tying it up just three minutes later. John Stampohar decided to end the game as he started it with the game winning point at nearly seventeen minutes. This concluded the first in a two match series that goes into tonight at the Big Dipper.