IDITAROD: Finishers Club Calls for Race Presidents Resignation; Dallas Seavey Attempts to Clear His Name

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - While we're on the subject of Dog Mushing, more drama has arisen for the Iditarod.
It all started late last week when the Iditarod Board of Directors announced that race president Andy Baker would not step down, despite the Official Finishers Club calling for his resignation.
The Finishers Club wrote a letter to the board last week saying that Baker was a poor leader and had jeopardized the integrity of the sport.
The board responded with a unanimous decision to keep Baker in his position.
They say that they will focus on the 2018 race then address changes when it is over.
As if that wasn't enough, Dallas Seavey has made a major push to clear his name.
The trail committee announced last October that four of Seavey's dogs tested positive for Tramadol, an Opioid Painkiller.
His attorney, former Anchorage District Attorney Clint Campion, says he has proof Seavey did not drug his own team.
A forensic drug testing expert reviewed Documents of the positive drug tests that the Iditarod Trail Committee provided.
According to the toxicologist, Tramadol was given to four of Seavey's Dogs 2-4 hours after he had finished the race, which supports the claim by the four time champion that the drug was given to his Dogs maliciously.
They also concluded that the drug could have been harmful to his dogs and would not give him a competitive advantage.
Campion says that the musher was turned into a scapegoat and they should not have released his name until an internal investigation was done to prove that Seavey had violated race rules.

Clint Campion; Dallas Seavey's Attorny>>"So then the question is, why would Dallas administer tramadol, a drug that would make his dogs sleepy and tired, why would he administer tramadol after he finished the race and before that he knew his dogs were going to collect a urine sample? As Dallas has said, he is the least person that would be likely to administer tramadol under those circumstances. This is the number one question that Dallas has had throughout this process, which is why did the ITC reveal his name in October 2017 without his consent? That's the question that we can't answer today. that is the question that has bothered Dallas the most."