I5 for the week of February 11th-17th

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - We're going to start off with West Valley's Demarcus Davis who nails this picture perfect three-pointer against Lathrop. The Junior collects the pass from Isaiah Warner and makes the Malemutes pay for giving him space, draining the three with only two seconds left on the clock.
In the girl's game between those same two teams, Lathrop's Torrin Johnson-Oates is able to get some hard-earned points. The Freshman gets knocked back by some tough defense, but throws it up while she is falling backwards to sink the shot and put the Malemutes on the board.
Next up is the Aurora Conference matchup between Hutchison and Galena. Hutch's Owen Frank drives the baseline and rifles this pass to Ross Matherly in the corner. Matherly then drains the three to put the Hawks ahead. Hutchison would go on to win this one 66-55.
Up next is this play from the Nanook Women's Basketball team's historic win over Western Oregon. Sabrina Ungaro breaks free thanks to a thunderous screen from Sammy Saccomen. She then pulls up and nails this three pointer. The Nooks went on to win this game, snapping a 36 game conference losing streak in the process.
And number one this week belongs to the newest Yukon Quest Champion. Brent Sass won this year's race after finishing the thousand mile trail in 9 days, 3 hours, and 3 minutes. This was the second Yukon Quest title for Sass, who was making his return to the Race. The last time Sass completed the Quest before this was back in 2016, marking what may be the most succesful comeback in race history.