I-5 for the week of October 29th-November 4th

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - It's time to take a look at the Top plays of the week with the I-5.
Starting off this week's list is West Valley's Kami Steel, who secured the Mid Alaska Conference Championship with this Kill against the North Pole Patriots. She meets the ball at the Net and re-directs it to the floor, securing the win and the 10th consecutive MAC title in West Valley's Decade of Dominance.
Now we're going to head to the Carlson Center for a little bit of cage-fighting action. This contest from the Solid as a Rock Fighting Championships saw Isaiah Fidderman win this MMA Matchup in under a minute. Fidderman goes on the offensive immediately, taking his opponent down with a double-leg, and reigning down some powerful fists. When his opponent attempted to escape, Fidderman took him down with a rear-naked choke, securing the submission victory in 28 seconds.
Up next is Trenton Spears, representing "The Pack". In the first ever game featuring the combined West Valley and Lathrop hockey teams, Spears earned four goals capped off by this re-directed shot from his defenseman, putting the puck right in the bottom left corner.
Heading to college volleyball for the #2 play of the week, this one belonging to Nanook Sophomore Emily Moorhead. She takes the low set from Cate Whiting and fires a rocket into the back row. This game-winning kill secured the 13 win of the year for the Nooks, their highest win-total since 2008.
And at number one we have Luke Mobley from the Fairbanks Ice Dogs. In the Dogs 5-1 win over Minnesota, Mobley takes this one from the Blue Line, shakes up the goalie, and delivers this puck to the top shelf. This goal set the tone for the Ice Dogs, lighting the lamp only 44 seconds in.