I-5 for the week of October 1st-7th

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Time to look back at the week's top plays in the I-5.
"Starting off this week's list is the first Ice Dog Goal in the Big Dipper Ice Arena this season. The Dogs take some time to set up the play before John Stampohar rips one from the Ad-Space, deflects it off of the goalie and into the net. This was the Defenseman's first goal of the year, and he saved it for home ice.
We go to high school volleyball for the next play, where our two cross-town rivals were facing off. Lathrop's Maya Pelayo sends one over the net, but it doesn't get very far before it's met by a brick wall named Ellen Silva. The West Valley Senior helped her team sweep the Malemutes last week.
Number three is Eielson runningback Ryan Armour. The former Offensive Lineman has had incredible runs all season, and this effort in the playoffs was no different. He takes the handoff and immediately shakes off a Ketchikan Tackler and then he takes off, outrunning defenders 55 yards into the endzone.
We return to the dip for the number two play of the week. This one is from the Dogs 5-0 win on Saturday against the Janesville Jets. Grant Ledford fires a shot at goaltender Cole Brady, who does deflect it, but forward Luke Ciolli was there to put it back. This was one of two goals for Ciolli, helping the dogs secure their first home win of the year.
And at number one we have this incredible play by Lathrop receiver Jhon Rones. The Junior hauls in a screen pass from Jaden Littell and takes off down the sideline. He spins an Eagle River defender onto the sideline and then outruns five more defenders into the endzone. This 45 yard touchdown gave the Malemutes a 21-8 lead in the first half of their playoff contest."