I-5 for the week of November 5th-11th

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - It's time to look at last week's top plays in the I-5.
Starting off this week's I-5 is some state volleyball action down in Anchorage. West Valley's Jozey Martellero hits the floor to keep the play alive. The ball keeps going out of bounds but Madison Huntington is able to make another diving save, sending this one to the other side of the net. The efforts pay off when SoHi hits their attack out of bounds to award a point for the pack.
It's on to Men's Basketball for the #4 play of the week from their exhibition contest against Antelope Valley. Aushanti Potts-Woods dishes it inside to Michael Kluting, who then dishes it out to Tymoryae Glover, who nails an absolutely perfect 3 despite the defender in his face.
Heading back to the state volleyball tournament for the #3 play. Monroe Catholic's Chloe Maynard absolutely shuts down this Nome attack. She sees the hit coming and stretches out and sends this one all the way back to the back row. What makes this even more impressive is that Nome player was later named the Hitter of the Tournament.
And we're back to the patty center for play #2, where the Alaska Nanook Women' s Basketball took on the #3 ranked Oregon Ducks. Marian Wamsley dishes the ball out to Emily Evans, who wastes absolutely no time sinking this 3-pointer. Evans ended up leading the Nooks with 12 points.
And at #1 for this week we go to the Big Dipper Ice Arena in the second round of a shootout between the Fairbanks Ice Dogs and Springfield Jr. Blues. Arizona State commit Jax Murray shakes up the goalie and when the puck starts to get away from him, he's able to re-direct it between the goaltender's legs to light the lamp for the Dogs.