I-5 for the week of March 3rd-10th

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Now Devin Fry brings us the I-5 for the top five plays this past week.
Starting off this week's list is North Pole's Breeauna O'rear who sprints down the court and absolutely shuts down this attempted layup. It looked like Lathrop was in the clear on a fast-break, but O'rear is able to track the ball, and send it flying out of bounds.
We head to the Ice for the next play with Ice Dog Defenseman John Stampohar. Stampohar collects the puck and gathers it in before sniping it into the top shelf to tie up this series opener against the Minnesota Magicians. The Dogs would go on to win this one 2-1. ​
Next up we have the Boy's Mid Alaska Conference Championship, where Cortarius Mingo is able to sink this three point play with a defender in his face, nailing the shot while falling to the ground. The West Valley Boys would go on to win the MAC Tournament finale, securing a trip to state. ​
And in the girl's game from that same day, Sierra "Si-Si" Tate is able to jump up and disrupt this inbound pass before turning around, locating the ball, and taking it to the house. This helped secure the second consecutive undefeated Conference record for both Wolfpack Squads. ​
And number one this week is Saturday's game-winning goal by Ice Dog Forward Brenden McLaren. MacLaren collects the puck and then fires it backwards past both the Goaltender and a Minnesota Skater. This tricky goal allowed the Ice Dogs to sweep the Magic Men, and take over first place in the NAHL Midwest Division. ​