I-5: State Basketball Championship edition

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - For this week's list we're actually going to start with a player who isn't in the interior just yet. Current Ketchikan player and future Alaska Nanook Marcus Lee sets the screen, and rolls to the wide-open three. This gave the Kings the lead, which they would hold on to in order to eliminate the #1 Seed east Anchorage. The Kings would go on to win the State Championship for the 4A boys as the #8 seed.
Next up we have West Valley Junior Sheridan Blasey, who collects the pass and hesitates just long enough to send a Chugiak defender flying by, giving herself an easy layup. Blasey would lead the team in points for this tournament opener, dropping 17. ​
Staying with the Wolfpack for play #3. Dylan Earhart shows why he's known as one of the best passers in the state of Alaska, driving down the baseline and dishing this no-look pass to Isaiah Warner. Erhart also scored quite a bit in this game against Palmer, sharing the team lead with 14 points. ​
Now lets check in to the 3A Boy's Bracket, Monroe Catholic's Gabe Silas works around the inside screen set by Trae Puryear and nails this three-pointer from the corner. Monroe Catholic would finish their tournament stay at 2-1, taking fourth place in the state for the 3A boys. ​
And number one from this week comes from the interior team who made it the farthest in the main bracket. In their semi-final game against ACS, Eielson's Christian Bolton looks for an opening and nearly backs up out of bounds. He collects himself, launches, and nails this insanely long shot to tie it up. Bolt led the Ravens in scoring with 17 points.