Goldpanners prepare to host 114th annual Midnight Sun Game

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - It is Solstice Weekend which means it's time for the two biggest sporting events of the summer.
First up we have the annual Midnight Sun Game tomorrow night at Growden Park. ​
The 114th Midnight Sun Game will see the Alaska Goldpanners play the Seattle Studs in the second game of their four part series. ​
This game is, of course, held every year under the midnight sun with first pitch scheduled for 10pm. ​
They will then play the full nine innings with only natural light. ​
Last year's Midnight Sun Game was an instant classic with the Goldpanners winning on a walk-off home run from Nyles Nygaard. ​
The Panners will be looking to follow that up tomorrow night. ​
Also this weekend will be the 37th annual Midnight Sun Run. The 10 kilometer course runs from the UAF Patty Center all the way to pioneer park. ​
Last year saw Rick Lader win the Men's race and Kendall Kramer take the top spot for the women. ​
This event will also start at 10pm with the top finishers expected in about half an hour later. We'll be broadcasting live from both events this weekend. ​
Mike Shultz and I will be bringing live Sports and Weather from the Midnight Sun Game, and we'll have the entirety of Newscenter Final from the finish line of the Midnight Sun Run.