Flag Football: Lathrop defeats North Pole 20-0

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We had some Flag Football Action out at Patriot Pride Stadium Last night.

The North Pole Patriots were hosting the Lathrop Malemutes on James Watson field.
The Malemutes were able to secure the shutout with a 20-0 win in the Mid Alaska Conference Contest.
Lathrop Quarterback Aniya Tuck accounted for all three of their touchdowns as she ran in two and threw for one.

The win improves the Malemutes to 2-1 on the year, they will now prepare to travel down to Anchorage for a two game trip.
They will play Service on Friday night and then South Anchorage on Saturday afternoon.

The now 1-2 Patriots will host Hutchison on Monday.

"Well our Quarterback is playing really well. She had a couple plays early where she went down. And our hearts kind of stopped there but she's fine. She's just thinking really well. I'm letting her call the plays out there. She just goes out, sees what's going on and throws the ball. And yeah she threw a couple of Interceptions but she had a lot of great passes. And our defense will hold up for us on those interceptions. So we feel pretty good about it.

"It's fun because it gives the defense less chance to get prepared and we're just out there just doing our thing. I feel like we're going to be a great team this year. We've definitely improved a lot. And we'll see more as the seasons go bye."