Facing the Music: Interior Runners compete in Beat Beethoven 5K

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The only Alaskan Race with an official soundtrack took place earlier today by the UAF Patty Center.
The Beat Beethoven 5K saw hundreds of Fairbanks' most motivated race against each other as well as Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. ​
The top racers were all representing the Alaska Nanook Cross Country Team. ​
The men's side was a tie between two Nanook runners, Daniel Serventi and Jack Matherly both crossed the finish line at the same time after running together for the vast majority of the race.​
And the top Women's finisher was Nanook runner Alex Bergholtz. ​
This was the third consecutive year as the top female finisher for Bergholtz, who will have one more season to complete the sweep. ​
Every participant who crossed the finish line before the end of Beethoven's Fifth received free tickets to any Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra performance with the exception of their holiday concert. ​
We caught up with the winners after the race to talk about beating Beethoven. ​
"I ran really cheap and just sagged off of him and then after that we pushed together really hard towards the end," said Serventi.​
"He was pushing me towards the end. I really got burned out during the front-running so it really evened out because then he was pushing me towards the end," said Matherly.​
"It's actually pretty hard packed. There's a big mud puddle around the back stretch so that was fun to go through. You can see it on the back of our legs. It was actually pretty nice it wasn't slippery at all. It was cool I had a biker in front of me with a speaker the entire time. So I could just hear the music the entire time it kept me going," said Bergholtz.