"Eskimo Ninja" Nick Hanson advances to national finals on American Ninja Warrior

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - On Tuesday, two Alaskans competed in the Seattle-Tacoma city finals of NBC's popular obstacle course show, 'American Ninja Warrior'. Nick Hanson, of Unalakleet, and Christi Hannah, of Fairbanks, took on one of the toughest obstacle courses in the world.

Hanson got hung up on the floating monkey bars, but finished in the top 12, advancing him to the national finals in Las Vegas. Hannah got tripped up on the broken bridge obstacle and did not qualify to move on.

Hanson discussed on American Ninja Warrior about competing in the northwest region.

"Being in the northwest region for the first time, I feel like I finally have a chance to represent where I am from. I am a little bit further northwest than most people, but it is closer to home, and I think all of Alaska showed up this time," Hanson said on the show. "It is amazing to have that kind of support. To have my entire state and my entire community backing me up. Falling in the fifth obstacle in qualifying, I really felt like I let them down. But tonight in the city finals, I am not going to let Alaska down, I am going to put it all out there and I am going to come out swinging."

Hanson has qualified for nationals each of the last three years, and will be making in fourth appearance airing in September.
He cruised his way through the shrink steps like, carefully stepping on them like icebergs.
He made easy work of the lunatic ledges and the barrel roll, landing the dismount.
The 14.5 foot wall was no problem for Hanson, clearing it with ease.
The lightning bolts took him out in qualifiers be he overcomes them this time around, before meeting his fate, the floating monkey bars.

After taking on the course, Hanson embraced his family and fought through tears during the post-run interview.

"I'm just so happy, my dad was the first one to hug me, it just overwhelmed me. Thank you so much for the support, all of Alaska, my family here today, I just feel so good, no matter how bad or good I did." Hanson said.