Endurance trail run sees Alaskan Runners compete for 6, 12, or 24 hour periods

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - This past weekend saw the Interior's biggest test of endurance. The Alaska Endurance Trail Run was held up on the UAF Trails last Friday and Saturday. Unlike the traditional races we see up here, the point of this race was not to see who could have the fastest time, but rather who could run the longest time. The competitors chose to run for 6, 12, or 24 hours and whoever had the most milage under their belt won. The top runner was Michael Quimby from Eagle River, who covered 90.5 miles. Teri Buck from Anchorage was right behind him and was the top female finisher, running 89 miles while Melissa Lewis from here in Fairbanks finished with 72. Chris Butcher and Joshua Marshall both finished with 70 miles to round out the top five. We talked with one competitor from the 12 and 24 mile loops about this brutal test of endurance.
​Jacob Buller said, "You know it was about the same, it degrades down over the the miles over the time but it was pretty much the equal amount of effort throughout it is a mental game. Once you are more than a few hours in."​
​Phoebe Flanagan said, "You know towards the end it was real hard. I actually took it pretty easy, a lot of these runners run the whole thing and I was just walking so. It's really great, it's a really magical event. There's nothing like it that I have found yet so really fun event."​