Current and Former West Valley runners take top spots in Loftus Mile

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The summer running season continued last night at West Valley High School.
This time Interior runners were competing in the Jim Loftus Mile. ​
This was a race for all age groups, even holding an 800 meter race for kids 9 and under. ​
The group of runners was split into different classes based on gender and predicted finish time. ​
The top time went to Tony Tomsich, who won the Men faster than six minutes class in 4 minutes and 43 seconds. ​
Glenn Thompson won the Men's between 6 and 7 minutes class, beating the system with a 5 minute 44 second time, and the Men's 7 minutes or more group was won by Andrew Brooks in 6 minutes and 59 seconds. ​
On the women's side of things, Rachel Jenkins won the 8 minutes or more class with a 7 minute, 29 second time and Naomi Bailey took the top spot in the faster than 8 minutes class with a 5 minute, 18 second time. ​
We talked to the two top finishers, who both ran for West Valley, about this latest race. ​
"I felt good where I'm at with my training and with my own running I was happy with the run and it is always fun to come out and take part in community events and this is one of those classic examples and so Dan called out and before the line on how many people are from West Valley or alums from West Valley and pretty much three-quarters put their hand up and yeah that's where I went to school and so it is always fun to come back and run on the track," said Tomsich.​
"Well you always feel like you have enough energy to run through the whole thing and then you get to the last 100 of the first lap and I'm like I've got three more. But then you get into a rhythm and you feel good," said Bailey.