Corpus Christi defeats Ice Dogs in series opener

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks Ice Dogs faced Corpus Christi last night in the first of a two game series. This is coming after Corpus tackled the Amarillo Bulls and fell to one of their two games, and after Fairbank's fell to one of the two against the Chippewa Steel two weeks ago. The Dogs lost this one, however, 5-2.
Corpus took the first point of the night with Che Landikusic at the helm 12 minutes into the first, leaving the remaining minutes silent. Tyler Love of the CC came through 5 minutes into the second to slam another one in net, leading Santeri Hartikainen to come in 10 minutes later to secure the third point of the night. Fairbanks made their move 5 minutes into the third, with Jonathan Sorenson taking the team's first point of the night with the assistance of Jax Murray and Jack Johnston. The nets remained silent for 12 minutes until Santeri came in the second time around to secure Corpus' fourth point. Tanner Edwards responded a minute later to land the second point for the Doggy Dogs and Blake Benett of the CC sealed the night with a final point at the 19 minute mark. The two teams will face once more tonight at the Big Dipper.