Conwell's varsity debut as quarterback proves victorious

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Starting our broadcast off, we have West Valley's football team beating North Pole with a brutal score of 46-0, putting the Wolfpack's own Shaun Conwell into quarterback position and showcasing his athletic prowess.
With this being Conwell's varsity debut in the position many would be skeptical about his performance, but all that went away when the Patriots were blindsided with Conwell's 36 yard touchdown pass with West Valley's first possession.
By the end of the first half, West Valley brought in a score of 22-0 with a 97 yard touchdown pass from Conwell to junior Avery Weston.
West Valley kept the Golden heart Trophy after this meet and have set their sight on Lathrop in another rivalry match.
West Valley, Palmer and Lathrop each have matched this week with 5-2 records, with the end of the season on the horizon.
We spoke to the three kings of this game, Preston Demario, Isaiah Warner and of course Shaun Conwell shortly after.
"Oh, it always feels good coming out- just clicking on all cylinders. New quarterback coming in, he played well. Just everybody was clicking it felt good," said Demario.
"It feels great, honestly I feel as if we're on the same page. I know we had some mess-ups here and there but overall we played a pretty great game. Now we've gotta get ready for next week, the big one- the Dog Bowl." said Warner.
"Oh, it feels great. You know, we had a bad incident but we didn't worry about that. We progressed through the week and made sure we grinded and- I don't know, got the win there. I've known these- these are my brothers out here. And I know they'd do anything for me and I'd do anything for them," said Conwell.
"We're working on stuff. We're gonna get there. We're feeling good right now after this one. We just gotta keep working, get better for next week we've got some playoff stuff. Just don't be... Be humble. Don't think this is something to be cocky about," said Demario.
Lathrop beat Palmer in their game out of town, in a match that began going in Palmer's favor.
Not long into it Lathrop was put down for 14-12 going into the 4th quarter. Jaden Littell was then able to throw a 35 yard touchdown pass to Juan Mendez in the fourth quarter to steal the win.
Lathrop is now 5-2 overall and 2-0 in the conference and will play West Valley next week. The Dog Bowl will be deciding the playoff standings and Devin Fry the sports guy will tell you what has to happen for each of our Interior Teams to make the playoffs on Monday.