Controversy surrounds Shank-Neff's scratch from Yukon Quest

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Now, as I said, we did have three mushers scratch from the race.
The first was Quest Rookie Jimmy Lebling.
Lebling had been in the red lantern position for a number of days and made the decision to scratch for the well-being of his team.
Lisbet Norris also scratched while in Dawson City, also citing the best interest of her team.
Also last night it was reported that Olivia Shank-Neff, who was racing under the name "Olivia Webster", scratched from the Quest under a cloud of controversy.
According to race officials, Shank-Neff made the choice to scratch from the race, but the musher posted on her facebook page that she was forced to scratch.
According to online accounts on her social media, Olivia left Dawson City and turned back shortly afterwards to drop a dog who was in heat.
Race officials then forced her to drop her lead dog, Mojito, who has finished the race 8 times in the past and is a former golden harness winner.
Her husband, former champion Hugh Neff, also said on social media that Mojito was forced to be dropped due to minor frostbite, leaving her team without a lead dog.
We reached out to race officials who said that "Olivia signed a scratch form in Dawson City upon her return after her departure."
We will have more on this story as it develops.