Continued results of Region 6 Swim Meet

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - On the weekend edition of the Fairbanks Evening News, Josiah Martin was able to give you a good portion of the results from the Region 6 Swim meet held in North Pole.
Now that we have time, here are the rest of the finishes.
The Girls 50 yard freestyle was won by West Valley's Heidi Billings, while Hutchison's Noah Palmer won the Boys 50 yarder.
Palmer also won the 100 yard Freestyle.
Anastasia Chen won the 100 yard Butterfly for the Wolfpack while Eielson's Skyler Gillespie won the boys.
Monroe Catholic's Jeannie Cook won the 100 yard freestyle, while West Valley's Patty Eppingher won the 500 yarder.
West Valley also took the Boy's 500 yarder with a win by Vincent Maio.
Katy McCarther won the Girls 100 yard backstroke for Lathrop while Jeffrey Prevost won the boys for Valdez.
Hutchison's Adryahn Bodyfelt won the girls Breastroke while Evan Smith from North Pole won the boys.
The diving events were won by Zarah Helms-Lesie from Lathrop and Kelsey Slater from West Valley.
The next scheduled meet here in the Interior will be on October 19th at Hamme.