Buddy and Lina Streeper take top two spots after day two of ONAC

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - ONAC Action, or ONACtion if you will, continued today at the Mushers Hall on Farmers Loop.
Day two of the Open North American Championships started this morning and the results are very similar to day one.
Defending ONAC Champion Buddy Streeper won for the second consecutive day, finishing the course in 66 minutes and 28 seconds.
Lina Streeper moved up in the standings to take second place today, finishing in 68 minutes and 2 seconds.
She finished fourth yesterday.
Another big move into the top three came in the form of Chugiak's Kourosh Partow, who took third in 69 minutes and 7 seconds.
The rookie musher finished seventh in day one of the competition.
John Erhart finished in the red lantern position in today's race, finishing in 79 minutes and 22 seconds.
We do have a scratch to report.
Day one's red lantern Rejean Therrien withdrew from the race.
In the overall standings, the Streepers hold the top two spots.
Buddy is in first place with a 132 minute and 8 second total time, while Lina is in second at 136 minutes and 3 seconds.
Anny Malo is right behind her with a 136 minute and 39 second overall time.
The 2019 ONAC will come to an end tomorrow where the Mushers will start in reverse order of their times from day one.
Since Therrien scratched, Armin Johnson will start us off tomorrow at noon.