Brent Sass crowned 2019 Yukon Quest Champion

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The wait is over for the 2019 Yukon Quest, as Brent Sass crossed the finish line today here in Fairbanks to complete his second championship run.
Sass came in with a run time of 9 days, 3 hours and 3 minutes as he etched his name in the history books taking down the Yukon Quest for the second time in his career.
Sass held a steady lead throughout the back nine of the prestigious race, and the 39 year old veteran turned around what happened in 2017 when he scratched from the race and he now stands on top of the Yukon Quest pinnacle.
Sass spoke about taking the title once again.
"Oh, it's awesome. The crowd in Fairbanks is always awesome, you know, it was really fun. Yeah, thank you for all of you! I appreciate it very much. And, yeah, lots of kids on the river, and the military base was full of people. I really appreciate all of them coming out, and, umm...yeah, the appreciation is at a high level, right now. And it really does help those last twenty miles coming in. Actually, I was, this was startling. The finish is usually down there, so it kind of caught me by surprise that we were coming up onto the ramp to finish this thing," said Sass.
Now let's take a look at the leaderboard as Brent Sass took home the gold in the International race.
Hans Gatt zoomed past Allen Moore to take the silver, as Gatt stayed in the top 5 throughout the Yukon Quest.
Taking third was Allen Moore while in fourth we have Michelle Phillips.
Fifth place is currently a mad dog race to the finish between Paige Drobny and Matt Hall with both leaving the Two Rivers checkpoint at the same time.
Currently holding the red lantern spot is rookie Hendrik Stanchau who is making his way to the Circle Checkpoint.
Lisbet Norris scratched from the race.