Alaska Ninja Mom to be featured on American Ninja Warrior

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Season 11 of American Ninja Warrior is set to premier at the end of the month, and a competitor from Fairbanks will be getting her shot at the course.
Christi Hannah will be featured nationwide this year as she attempts to conquer the show's intense obstacle course. ​
Hannah is a single mom of three who graduated from Hutchison and has been doing ninja training for over a year. ​
Last season she took part in the show and was able to go on the course, but was not nationally featured. ​
This year she will be broadcast here on NBC, and you can see her episode in July. ​
Hannah is not only the first competitor from Fairbanks on the show, she is the first ever Alaskan Female to take on the challenge. ​
For those of you unfamiliar with the show or concept, the competitors have to run a course full of extremely difficult obstacles. ​
The top competitors will advance through more and more difficult courses until they crown the season's Ninja Warrior. ​
We talked to Christi over the phone about how to train for such a unique challenge, and how it feels to represent Fairbanks on the big stage.
"You make the world your playground. That's the best way to describe it. From parks to the gym to literally everything, you turn everything into an obstacle. We joke about the ninja fever. You walk through a doorway and every doorway you walk through you gauge the ceilings and how high they are and if you can touch them. You look at stuff and think I can touch that or I can run across that. It makes life so much more fun and lighthearted. It is nerve-wrecking but it is the most fun thing you could ever do. It's an adrenaline rush because of the amount of people watching you and everything like that," said Hannah.