Alaska Nanooks take out top tier Bowling Green in dominating score

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Leaving fans young and old in a complete hysteria, our Alaska Nanooks beat out the top-ten team Bowling Green with an unprecedented score of 4-1.
This was accomplished with the help of Troy Van Tetering, the player who possessed the first goal on the night at 6 and a half minutes into the first. That single point made in the first was left unanswered by the Green until late into the third.
The second only saw Tyler Cline late into the period take the nook's second point on the night at 19 minutes. The third was when the night got crazy. Both teams struggled to make ground until the 15 minute mark when Connor Ford of Bowling Green took their first score. This awoke something within the nooks, and pushed them further with the score sitting at 2-1. Steven Jandric just a minute later shot one in net during the team's fourth power-play of the night, and Justin Young tapped the night off with the final goal, leaving the Alaska Nanooks victorious at 4-1.
Bowling Green this year stands at 15-6-3, nearly reflecting the nook's standing at 6-15-2. This opens up for what could be the most exciting Nanooks game we've had this season, in the second matchup against Bowling Green, tonight at the Carlson Center.
"It was obviously nice for our special teams, I thought both sides were really good tonight. That was something that was missing a couple of close losses recently and even at the end there we were pretty composed on the bench and they made a great push at the end. A lot of credit to them they're a great hockey club, you know. We'll get a better game from them tomorrow night," said Joe Howe, Assistant Coach – Alaska Nanooks.
"I think just moving the puck quick, a lot of communication from our back–end– starting from Anton up to our D, that helped our forwards out a lot. We just moved the puck up, got it low, went to work like we're told and we got the outcome we wanted,” said Sam Ruffin, Forward – Alaska Nanooks.
"It was great, yeah. We needed this one. We've had a couple of close games against some other top–ten opponents and we didn't close them out. So, feels great, but as I said earlier, you gotta stay humble, and get to work tomorrow,” said Anton Martinsson, Goaltender – Alaska Nanooks.