56th Equinox Marathon hosts 212 runners

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Today in the early hours of the morn we had the 56th annual Equinox Marathon hosted at UAF. With mild weather and a late-change in course, local runners took the opportunity to get some fresh air and hit the dirt.
This race hosted 212 runners in total, with a mix of locals and adventurers from out of state. For first place of the run we had back-to-back champion Allan Spangler, bib 448 from Juneau in the men's division for 30-34 years who had a time of 2 hours and 50 minutes.
For the first place finisher in the women's division we had Christy Marvin who is the dominant runner of the Equinox for the last 5 years. She was of bib 1 in the women's division for 35-29 years, harkens from Palmer and crossed the line with a time of 3 hours and 15 minutes. We spoke to the two winners as soon as they caught their breath to ask how they felt after such an accomplishment.
"The course was really nice, it was firmer everywhere. And I just paced it a lot better. And I feel stronger; I did a lot of strength this summer. So that helped a lot. I'm pretty happy about it, I kinda lost motivation this last summer and wasn't sure if I was in that great a shape. Then coming here and doing a good PR is a surprise. That's always nice," said Spangler.
"I always try to finish hard regardless if I'm in 1st or 30th place. I feel like the only way you can be prepared for when competition challenges you at the end of the race is if you feel like there's always competition right on your shoulder. Then you leave it all on the course and you have no regrets that way," said Marvin.