4 Time Champion Dallas Seavey Revealed as "Musher X"; Withdraws from 2018 Iditarod

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Iditarod 'Official Finishers' Club' issued a statement today that they do not support how the Iditarod Trail Committee has handled the positive drug tests of a top musher's team.
They also demanded the release of the musher's name, and the Trail Committee obliged late this afternoon.
A release from the I-T-C this afternoon revealed that 4 time champion Dallas Seavey was the musher in question, and Anchorage- based media are reporting that he has withdrawn from the 2018 race in protest.
Tramadol, an Opioid Painkiller, was found in the Systems of several of Seavey's dogs after he completed the race in Nome.
The Trail Committee was initially hesitant to release the name because they could not prove intent, which was a requirement under the rules of last year's race.
However the I-T-C decided to reveal the Musher's name due to what they called the "Unhealthy Speculation" surrounding the incident.
Seavey denied giving the drug to his dogs when investigated by the I-T-C, saying that he knew he would be tested.
He also said Tramadol would not have given him a competitive Advantage.
This story is still developing, and we will have more details as they become available.