21st Annual Farthest North Forest Sports Festival reminds us of good old days

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Sponsored by the UAF School of Natural Resources and Extension, this festival could certainly live up to its name. The 21st Farthest North Forest Sports Festival was today and I came by to see what 'forest sports' could entail exactly.
According to the event's website listing the event includes pulp tossing, log birling, log rolling, fire building, cross-cut sawing and yes, even axe throwing. The festival hosted at UAF was established 21 years ago to commemorate the forest-festivals of old. In this day and age, workers are trained on high-tech tools that don't make their work any less dangerous or important, but definitely easier in comparison. It's also a look into the past for how people would find entertainment purely out of the resources that surround us in the Golden-Heart City.
Though the event may seem too old-fashioned for some, many would find that this event has a lot more heart than what meets the eye.
"This is the 21st annual farthest north forest sports festival. This started the year after I got here at UAF. I was an assistant professor at the time; it was one of the other professors' idea to do this and we've done it every year since. It's a free event. We just do this as a way of involving the community and, kind of, reaching out so that they know about our Natural Resources Program at UAF. Our 'acclaim to fame' is that this is the farthest north in the world. Nobody's really checked to see if it is really true but we claim it and nobody's ever told us we're wrong," said David Valentine, Organizer.