2019 Torch Run held to support Special Olympics

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The annual Torch run was held on the UAF Campus earlier today to support the Special Olympics.
This event is put on every year by Law Enforcement to help raise money and support for their local chapter of the special olympics. ​
The five Kilometer race was held simultaneously throughout hundreds of communities, including 14 in Alaska alone. ​
The Law Enforcement Torch Run began back in 1981 and has been held every year all across the country. ​
It is also the largest public awareness and fundraising event for the Special Olympics.​
This race has raised over $600 million for the organization. ​
The competitors for the Tanana Valley Chapter competed in a 3.1 mile loop around campus. ​
Some made their run even more difficult by wearing police equipment and one runner was carrying the flame of hope throughout the entire race. ​
We talked to Phil McBroom after the race about what it's like to run with fire.
"I had to be kind of careful I wasn't sure how combustible these shirts were. Had to watch the wind direction. I've enjoyed running in the Special Olympics Torch Run and helping the special Olympics community for a long time. It's one of the highlights of my year in the community for sure. It's just something that is very close to my heart. So I enjoy being with them both in the school and out in the community like this. Being able to come out and see them compete is just fantastic," said McBroom.