2019 Iron Dog: "Wrench Day" in Nome

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Today is a "Wrench day" in the 2019 Iron Dog as the top teams will all be stationed at the halfway point in Nome.
They will be taking the day to work on their machines before embarking on the final stretch to the finish line in Fairbanks.
Here's another look at the top five racers in the order they arrived in Nome last night.
Leading the pack are the defending champions Mike Morgan and Chris Olds. All 16 of the remaining teams have arrived in Nome, and all have used 30 out of their 50 mandatory layover hours.
Eight teams have scratched since the start, five of which scratched around the McGrath Checkpoint.
The most recent scratch was team 45, Anselment and Baumgartner, who scratched in Unalakleet.
The final half of the Iron Dog will begin as soon as the top teams leave Nome.
The first finishers are expected here in Fairbanks on Saturday.