2018 Yukon Quest set to have largest field of Mushers since 2009

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In a year that has brought a lot of Controversy to the world of Dog Mushing, the Yukon Quest seems to be thriving in preperation for their 2018 Race.
December 1st was the deadline to register for the 1 thousand mile race and they have seen the largest field of Mushers since 2009.
28 Mushers have signed up for the race, including 15 veterans and 13 rookies.
Reigning Champion Matt Hall will look to win the race for the second time in a row and Fan-Favorite former champions Allen Moore and Hugh Neff will both be joining the fray.
Additionally there will be a full field of mushers in the YQ300 with three still on the waiting list.
There is still time to register for the Quest.
Late entries will be allowed until January 5th for an additional fee.
The Yukon Quest will start here in Fairbanks on February 3rd and will finish in Whitehorse Canada.