Top 5 Plays of 2017 - Ice Dogs

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Ice Dogs have had some great moments this year, as Devin Fry takes us to the land of the Big Dipper to see what takes the top spot.
"Our lone honorable mention for this list isn't technically a play. However, it did receive one of the loudest ovations the Big Dipper Ice Arena has ever seen. Fairbanks' own Ty Proffitt decided to put Kenai River's Sam Sterne. Little Prof defending his home ice was enough to earn an honorable mention. Number five occurred earlier this month against the Kenai River Brown Bears. Haider slid in from out of nowhere to earn his seventh goal of the year. He then takes out Hunter Wendt with a bearhug for providing the assist. Number four saw Jax Murray score his first goal of the year in style. Murray somehow gets the puck to go in that tiny space between the goalie and the pipe to find the back of the net. The number three spot on this list belongs to future Alaska Nanook Sam Ruffin. Ruffin deeked back and forth until Coulee Region's goalie got crossed up and fell to the ice. Hopefully Ruffin brings some of that to the WCHA next year. Number two goes to Caleb Hite and his hat-trick against the Minnesota Magicians. Hite scored his first goal of the night at the end of the second period. His next two were both scored within two minutes of eachother. Hite scored four and a half minutes into the third thanks to assists by Wendt and Ruffin. He then sent the hats flying onto the ice about a minute and 42 seconds later. And number one is an oldie, but a goodie. Erkka Vanska spins past a defender, somehow maintains control of the puck, and then dumps it past Generals' goalie David Fessenden. Vanska's spin-a-roonie happened way back in January, and withstood the challenges to remain the top play of the year for our Ice Dogs."