UA President Jim Johnsen spoke about the consideration of athletics being cut

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The University of Alaska system met today about the discussion of exigency.
One of the programs that is being considered for the chopping block is athletics for both UAA and UAF.​
UA President Jim Johnsen spoke to us about the consideration of sports being cut.​
"I don't know what's going to happen with athletics. It's an area of high importance to the regents and to our communities across the state. It is a costly program however and when we're looking at deep budget cuts like we're looking at this point, everything's got to be on the table. So I'm sure it will be in the consideration, but as we know from our recent past last two or three years, when we've had budget reductions not nearly as severe as this. When we've had budget cuts, the regents have prioritize the maintenance of our athletics programs. So we'll just have to see,"​ Johnsen.