Annual month long food drive helps to end childhood hunger in Fairbanks

Anne Weaver, CEO of the Fairbanks Community Food Bank, spoke on the importance of donations and how it directly benefits children in our community.
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska May No Child Go Hungry is a yearly KTVF & KXDF fundraiser for the Fairbanks Community Food Bank to raise awareness and donations for child malnourishment in the summer months.

The month long food drive was started 5 years ago under the name 'Seward Food Bank Folly' and it starts at the beginning of summer, when children can no longer depend on the education system for meals. In the four previous years combined, May No Child Go Hungry has raised over $30,000 in food and monetary donations to help feed interior children.

One in three children in Fairbanks cannot afford to have lunch every day and 35% of local kids qualify for free & reduced lunch. Statistically hungry children suffer socially, including being easily frustrated or distracted. Malnutrition can also cause weight gain or present as a lack of physical development and stunted growth.

CEO of the Food Bank, Anne Weaver, spoke on the importance of this drive.

"Every single item really does make a difference," said Weaver. "I often think about the individual that that food item is going to. Sometimes we try to change the world but it's not the world we're trying to change, it's every individual who is having a hard day. So if you are thinking about making a donation, please do, because it really does matter."

Through the years, more features have been added including multiple donation locations and virtual resources for donating.

You can drop off donations at this year's partner locations:

Food Factory
Total Toyo
Gene's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Hawk Shop and Pawn
Geist, Johansen, & North Pole McDonald's

You can also go to the Virtual Drive to buy items or give a dollar amount.