10th annual 'Youth Safety Day' makes a splash

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The heavy rain and cold weather didn't stop the 10th annual Youth Safety Day from taking place over the weekend.

Despite the Saturday precipitation, many local community institutions like the police and fire departments were in attendance at the event.
The goal of Youth Safety Day is to educate youth on not only being safe, but also making good choices about their own actions.
Each youth who checked in to the event was given a "passport to safety" to help them explore and get educated on safety related matters.

President and CEO of Spirit of Alaska, Anthony Rizk, says the turnout at the event was still good despite the weather.

"We support our local community. We expect all the local businesses to support their communities like we do. And I think it's important for the kids that they have something that they can focus on especially personal safety, bike riding safety, lots of different things. Online safety, we actually have a booth here concerning online safety there's a lot of online things happening out there today that we want the kids to be aware of."