Writing assignment sparks race discussion at local high school

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - What started as a simple creative writing assignment has gotten Lathrop High School talking about issues within the black community.
'The Hate U Give' is the story of a young African American girl as she struggles with teenage life.
The novel focuses on many issues including police brutality.
Lathrop student Brianna Thomas wanted to further bring awareness to this issue, and has done so with her poetry.
Brianna Thomas; Junior, Lathrop High School>>: "These people in my poem they are a big part of today because they helped us make this world a better place even though it's still bad. I wanted people to know that minor infractions shouldn't cause people their lives."
Thomas is now looking to enter her poem for scholarships to further her education, which the Lathrop library intends to help her with.
The library will also be holding a book discussion for students to talk about social issues presented in its pages.
The book discussion will take place Tuesday February 27th, and again March 6.
Now... let's hear some excerpts from Thomas's poem.
All Lives Matter by Brianna Thomas>>: "It started with Martin Luther King saying 'I have a dream.'
He believed we should all come together as a team.
All of us, white, black and others,
Are all God's work of sisters and brothers.
Kalief Browder had to rot in jail,
Because his family could not afford the $500.00 bail.
He was accused of stealing a bag,
And he was mistreated like some dirty scumbag.
Minor infractions cost people their lives. No one should die because of a broken taillight."