Wool named to Permanent Fund Work Group

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JUNEAU, Alaska The Representatives appointed to the Permanent Fund Working Group have been announced, and one of them is from the interior. Kelly Merrick of Eagle River, Jennifer Johnston of Anchorage, Johnathan Kreiss-Tomkins of Sitka, and Adam Wool of Fairbanks will represent the House in the committee. Representative Johnston will co-chair with Senator Click Bishop. The working group held their first meeting this morning. It was an informal gathering, with the group expected to get down to business in tomorrow’s meeting.

Meanwhile, members of the House attempted to put a $3,000 dollar PFD into SB 19, the state Capital Budget. However, in a vote of 15 for and 21 against, the amendment failed. Other amendments were passed, including one proposed by Representative Tammie Wilson to fund the Prince William Sound Science and Technology Institute. According the North Pole representative, the funding was put forward by the Senate in a previous form of the bill, but the language was removed through miscommunications between the bodies.

The House is currently deliberating on the capital budget. It still has to pass the Senate before it can be signed by the governor.