Woman who turned in ex-husband’s guns faces misdemeanor, felony charges dropped

(CNN) - A Florida woman's felony charges for turning in her husband's firearms have been dropped, but she's not totally off the hook.

Courtney Irby has been charged with misdemeanor trespassing. Authorities said she took items from her ex-husband’s home. (Source: CNN)

Courtney Irby was arrested last month by Lakeland police after going into her husband’s apartment, retrieving two of his firearms and taking the guns to the police station.

Irby’s husband, Joseph Irby, faces one felony charge of aggravated battery against her, according to the Brian Haas, the state’s attorney.

Irby's charges were changed to misdemeanor trespassing.

Haas said Irby also took two men's watches, a Go-Pro and a computer from her husband's home.

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