Woman says cab driver refused to stop watching Netflix while driving

CHICAGO (WBBM/CNN) - A passenger says a cab driver refused to stop watching videos on her phone during a ride in a Chicago-area suburb on Tuesday.

Tara Heine said her cab driver watched Netflix on her phone while the car was moving down an expressway in a Chicago-area suburb. (Source: WBBM, Tara Heine via CNN)

From the back seat of a Blue Cab company car, Tara Heine started to record when she noticed the driver watch videos on her phone while the car was moving.

In the video, she tells the driver she feels unsafe and asks her to put the phone down.

"The driver got on the expressway and she pulls out her phone and was watching Netflix on it," Heine said.

In the video, the view out of the cab’s window shows the car moving down the expressway, while a video plays on the driver’s phone.

"I let her know that I didn't feel safe and asked her to put her phone away, which she did for a few seconds," Heine said.

That’s when the cab driver got angry with Heine and started cussing, telling Heine to stop recording. Then she tells Heine to “get the f**k out of my car.”

"She caught me recording her, so she turned around and then she swung at me," Heine said.

"That's all you got to do is report me. That's it. That's all I ask you to do. That's it. Why you are recording?" the driver says in the video.

Over the phone, a Blue Cab employee said the dispute was due to Heine and the driver disagreeing on which show to watch together.

"That defense is ridiculous. I have my own Netflix account,” Heine said.

When WBBM called the cab company, they didn’t get a response from the owner, so a reporter went by the company’s building.

It was after the owner left for the day, and an employee at the company said she didn’t know about the case.

In the car, Heine tried getting some answers for herself.

"Should you be watching TV while transporting medical patients?" she says to the driver.

"Yeah,” the driver says.

"You should be?" Heine says.

"Yeah,” the driver says.

"Why is that?" Heine says.

"Because your nosey a** wants to know, that's why,” the driver says.

A reporter with WBBM asked Blue Cab the same question about policy involving drivers on their phones.

"You have to talk to the owners. Why is this difficult? Bye,” an employee told them.

Heine plans to file a police report about the incident. It is against the law in Illinois to use a phone or text while driving.

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