Woman charged with disorderly conduct while protesting Dunleavy

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A woman was arrested yesterday for disorderly conduct during Governor Dunleavy's stop in Nome.

According to a statement released by the City of Nome Police Department, Alaska State Troopers and the Nome Police were conducting a security check at the Alaska Airlines Terminal for Flight 151 on March 27th, at 12-30 P-M. ​

Governor Dunleavy arrived to shake hands and meet individuals as part of his budget road show. ​

A woman, named Brenda Evak started yelling statements at the governor... and according to Nome Police Charging documents, she moved closer to the governor while balling her fist. ​

After attempts by A-S-T and Nome Police to convince Evak to lower her voice and move away from the Governor, she refused -- at which point local authorities removed Evak, put her in handcuffs, and escorted her out of the building. ​

Nome Police charged Evak with disorderly conduct. ​

Sue Stienacher, who witnessed the event, says that Evak was being assertive but not aggressive.

"It seems to me that ahe was standing close to him, and making her case. I don't recall seeing her moving towards him, but I only started seeing her, as I imagine when she started speaking. My impression was that, just as I had stepped up to shake his hand and tell him that I wish he'd come back to Nome and hold a true public meeting, she stood up to him and started, in a loud voice. In a forceful voice, because she was angry. But I didn't see her. I don't think anybody felt there was a physical, anything physical that was going to happen," Steinacher said.

The District Attorney has since decided to drop all charges against Brenda Evak.