Woman arrested after allegedly throwing hot coffee at Pa. state troopers

WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pa. (WTAE/CNN) - A woman in Pennsylvania faces an aggravated assault charge after she allegedly threw hot coffee at state troopers.

Sonja Connors, 52, faces several charges, including aggravated assault, after she allegedly stole a cup of coffee from Burger King then threw it at state troopers who confronted her. (Source: BFS/WTAE/Hearst/CNN)

Pennsylvania State Police identified 52-year-old Sonja Connors as the woman seen on surveillance video talking with troopers Monday afternoon at a BFS convenience store in Youngwood, Pa.

The incident started when Connors allegedly walked into the Burger King next door, went behind the counter and poured a cup of coffee.

"[She] pours herself a cup of coffee, is confronted by one of the assistant managers, telling her, ‘You can’t be back here, one, and two, you owe us for the coffee,’” Trooper Steve Limani said.

Police say Connors shoved the employee who confronted her and walked out of the store, making her way to BFS, where troopers found her still holding the coffee. They had a short discussion, and Connors walked away.

Moments later, Connors allegedly threw her coffee cup, hitting one of the troopers. No one was hurt in the incident, but Connors was taken into custody.

"Obviously, there could have been burns that could have happened to the police officer, if it hit him in the eyes, things of that nature,” Limani said.

Connors faces several charges, including aggravated assault. She was not able to post bail, so she is being held in the Westmoreland County Jail. She is due in court next week.

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