Wind farms, solar discussed at renewable energy meeting

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - There was another meeting last night to discuss the pros and cons of renewable energy in Alaska.

Those in attendance included Teresa Clemmer, Mike Craft, Eddie Davidson, and GVEA – each of whom gave a PowerPoint presentation on their perspective.

Clemmer spoke about the history of why she believe everyone is interested in renewable energy, touching on the volatile pricing of fossil fuels.

Craft explained that the Eva Creek wind farm is on the Northern Intertie, and that the intertie was built to carry Healy 1 and Healy 2, as well as the coal plants, but it could not support three wind farms.

Davidson's presentation was on solar power, and how Alaska pays two times the national average price for electricity. Davidson said the best months for solar power are March and April because of energy reflects off of the snow as well as coming from the sun — meaning solar power would produce a great return.

Overall, everyone seemed to agree that while Alaska is behind in renewable energy development, it would be worth it to continue our advancements.

"Other states are really moving forward a lot more quickly than we are here in Alaska. And just to give you an idea of what is really feasible with renewable energy, all of the locations have already achieved or almost in the high 90s of 100% renewable energy."