Wind Farm Battle, Part 3

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - We continue our series on GVEA and Delta Wind Farms tonight by looking at GVEA's decision to build their own wind facility, shortly after Delta Wind Farms began construction of their own renewable energy wind farm.

As Mike Craft and his partners constructed his Delta Junction wind farm, two separate wind farms were being constructed in Alaska; Fire Island in Anchorage and GVEA's own Eva Creek. Out of the three wind farms, GVEA chose to interconnect Eva Creek.

"So, as we went through the process and we're working on our studies, Ciri Corporation is working on Fire Island," said Cory Borgeson, CEO of GVEA. "They own Fire Island, so they thought it would be a good place to put wind turbines. They tried to get Anchorage utility companies to buy from them, but they also wanted GVEA to buy power from Fire Island. And we had Mike Craft with his Alaska Environmental Power (Delta Wind Farms) also wanting to do a project.

"All three of them came to the Golden Valley board room, pitched their proposals, and the board selected what we thought was going to be the cheapest and best for our members and it was our own Eva Creek.
So there was some hard feelings that we invited them to our board room and maybe we didn't seriously consider them. I don't think that's true, I think they were seriously considered," said Borgeson.

"Fire Island (representatives) have come back to us, and we're negotiating with them right now on Fire Island, too. We're working with them, trying to make it work. We'll work with Mike Craft anytime he wants to."

Mike Craft believes that GVEA's decision to work with Eva Creek instead of Delta Wind Farms was a move that was more about maintaining control rather than working towards a future with more renewable energy.

"When you've got those type of environmental issues staring you in the face, that's what I put first, is human life. Human life is the most important thing," said Craft. "And if we're polluting our environment to the point that where in the morning, we have to advertise the fact that we are in a Stage 3 Air Quality Alert: 'Don't take your kid's outside, don't let your mother outside, be careful, don't exert yourself today', that's beyond a problem. That's an assault on the public. And you're doing that to save money?"