What's Happening at Pioneer Park: Monday Markets and SS Nenana Day

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Monday Markets, and SS Nenana Day, are what's happening at Pioneer Park.

Amanda Hanson, Reporter: I'm Amanda Hansen and it's that time again to tell you what's happening at pioneer park. I'm here with Donnie Hayes park manager of Pioneer Park. Now Donnie, tell me what's going on around here.

Donnie Hayes, Pioneer Park Manager: Yeah, so in a previous episode we talked actually about our Monday Markets here at Pioneer Park, and this is just a little taste of what we do every single Monday. Grab a drink at Goldies and then have live bands playing throughout the day. We've got all kinds of different food vendors. The Arts Association is here, and lots of great things that are happening every single Monday.

AH: So remind me again how long the Monday Markets are going to last.

DH: Until the end of the season, and so every summer we'll have are Monday Markets beginning on Memorial Day ending on Labor day.

AH: Now this week there's something special going on regarding the SS Nenana, can you tell me about that?

DH: Yeah, absolutely. Last year we decided that it was the time that we start celebrating the Last Lady of the River. And so the Friends of the SS Nenana will be here with us on Saturday, it's an opportunity to join us in the Paint Tonight event that we're doing which is a great opportunity. If you haven't signed up for that yet, it's where people can actually paint a canvas of the SS Nenana and be able to share that and take that home and put that on their wall.

AH: A wonderful opportunity to come and paint the SS Nenana for themselves, and that's what's happening at pioneer park.