What's Happening at Pioneer ParK

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Fairbanks, Alaska For this week's What's Happening At Pioneer Park we take a look at the upcoming Old Tyme Games and Bathtub races.

Donnie Hayes the park manager said, "I'm here in Pioneer Hall, and here is what's happening at Pioneer Park."

Marisa Sharrah said, "The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the Golden Heart Utilities to host the Old Tyme Games, here at Pioneer Park on Wednesday, July 18th. We're going to have some competition for some littler kids, ages 4-12. We've got a pie eating contest, a watermelon eating contest, and a water bucket brigade contest. And also on that day we have a cross cut saw competition and a log splitting competition for some older folks."

Bobbie Tarkianen said, "A number of years ago, about 3 or 4 of us decided that we needed to have an event that was unique to Golden Days, so we came up with the bathtub races. Some of them aren't actual bathtubs. Some of them are the old tin tubs. Some of them are things that have been made to look like a bathtub. We race through the streets of Pioneer Park. They can start registering now, but registration is open up to an hour before the race begins."

Donnie Hayes said, "That's what's happening this week at Pioneer Park. I'm looking forward to seeing you."