What Debra Call hopes to accomplish with running mate Mark Begich

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Debra Call is running for lieutenant governor and she told us she was asked to run because of her experience in rural economic development, and the oil and gas industry.

"I was asked to run for house district 25, which in previous years I couldn't do it because I had a son in high school and I was working. All of a sudden the opportunity came up, I said I would look into it. They made a different offer, lieutenant governor, and after 45 minutes of discussion, I said okay, happened as quickly as that, and I think my background and experience, certainly adds to what I can do for the state," she said.

If elected, Call says she would look into the state of Alaska using a vote by mail system like the municipality of Anchorage.

"I thought it was great because I could take as long as I want to figure out what I wanted to vote for, which proposition, which bond, I could sit there and spend a couple days, I had maybe two or three weeks before I had to mail it in, and it forced me to not have to make a rash decision, and I like that, and I think that this is something that we're seriously looking at for the state of Alaska to do as well," she said.

Call and Begich would like to see 'vote by mail' in place within the next four years.
To view the official election pamphlet with information on candidates, ballot measure
one, and judges up for retention visit: http://www.elections.alaska.gov/election/2018/General/OEPBooks/2018%20AK%20Region%20III%20pamphlet_WEB.pdf