What Alaskans do while social distancing

FAIRBANKS, AK Every night we feature pictures viewers sent us of things they are doing to keep themselves busy while social distancing...

Please send us your pictures, and a description of what you are doing, to sarah@ktvf11.com.

Jay Mayer takes a break from clearing snow and from doing UAF studying.

Tom Baran spends time with his son and daughter making peanut butter cookies and raspberry syrup from frozen berries picked last summer.

Grace reminds us to take time to have outdoor recess everyday with your family and Enjoy the "Golden" Sunshine.

In Fairbanks Nero Johnson made a Snowman Fireman.

Carrie Narow is staying busy with family doing homework, playing in the snow, cooking, glass fusing, and playing the cello.

Kristina Ahlnas is Social distancing by kick sledding with her spark from Finland in Pioneer Park.

Bree Charley and Haylee Conley spend their days building snowmen and igloos when they aren't doing school work or playing board games!

Greg and Susan Dudgeon say their Retired Denali Canine Ranger Lucor is social distancing with his new best buddy, Teddy.

Sarah Obed and 8-year-old Helena and 5-year-old Chloe mix for banana bread.

Keenan Silas is loving the fresh air little too much and fell asleep mid sled ride!

In Ester Kelly Driesbach, who’s an unemployed circus perform and sometimes substitute teacher for the School districts, practice some of her moves in her living room set up. She says not to try this at home and says it takes time to build up a tolerance.

MAC Federal Credit Union is challenging other businesses to keep it local by purchasing food for their staff and $1000 worth of gift cards at different restaurants, coffee stops and bars to be given away at a later date.

Mark Thompson has been taking his sons out to acquire saw logs and firewood from the Tanana River.

Stormy has been busy building a two seater bench… longing for better days to enjoy it!

In Delta Junction Sierra Olsen is trying new hair styles will home schooling and Summer Olsen is staying busy cleaning grandma's refrigerator and freezer!

Terin says her daughter Lyla discovered how to drive like an old-school Alaskan teenager when she got caught on the ice with her 4-wheeler.
Terin’s other daughter, Camilla, discovered an unchartered sledding path with a four foot cliff drop!
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