Westmark hosts veterans day memorial

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Many stood in front of the assembly to give thanks to the men and women who served their country so faithfully through the years.
Among those speaking were Col. David Mineau and Senator Dan Sullivan, as well as local mayors Kassel, Matherly, and Ward.
The 9th Army Band played the song of each branch of the military, from Coast Guard to Marines, as Retired Lt. Col. David Dean went through and gave thanks to not only those who served, but their families as well.
Senator Sullivan also acknowledged the families of those who served, talking about the sacrifices made by those who support service members.
Lt. Col Dean explained why Veterans Day is so important.
He praised the Vietnam Era Veterans in particular for being a group that went through a period where military support was at an all-time low, and still pushed to raise it back up.

David Dean; Retired Lt. Col. US Army >> "There are so many Veterans around that have not had the Tribute that they deserve. This is an opportunity for us to come forward as a community, and express our appreciation for what they have done, and for the families that support them. It's one of those events that doesn't seem to take on importance until after you have left the military, and then you get the recognition that you so much earned."